From TV-Patrol
NBI Carried Bullets into the Airport
Undercover NBI operatives tested security screeners of NAIA by bringing in bullets in their luggage.
Not a single operatives of the NBI was caught, detected, intercepted or apprehended
by security screeners in NAIA.
NBI Task Force TALABA has submitted the Tanim Bala Modus Operandi report to DOJ

OTS administrator Rolando Recomono reported that they have relieved 17 employees from their positions.
The OTS conducted an internal investigation to identify when most bullet confiscations occurred.
Results of the investigation shows that there are discrepancies in the records of
passengers apprehended to passengers who were charged for alleged possession of bullets.
Out of the 1,400++ apprehended passengers in 2015, only 70 were formally charged.
Filipino Netizens wonder if alleged extortion could possibly occurred on the 1,300++ cases who were not charged.

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