Viral News: Lane Michael White
► Caught On Video (4 Videos Below) ◄
Multiple Airport Personnel Touched, Opened and Digged Using Their Own Bare Hands
Inside the Luggage of Missionary Lane Michael White.
Unsanitary and Highly Questionable Procedure Contaminating Alleged Planted Bullet Evidence.

Bullet was allegedly found at the unsecure side pocket of the bag.
Airport Security Expert Touching Alleged Evidence with his own bare hands.

Are You Allowed to VideoTape Inside the Inspection Area of Airports?
Airport Police Allegedly Forbids Taking Video in the Inspection Area
In Lane Michael White case,
"Sinaway Sila Ng MGa Pulis Ng May Nakitang NagviVideo Habang Nagiinspect -Tanim Bala."

Police allegedly forcing Mr. White to admit guilt.
Police allegedly tried to extort Php30,000.00 from Mr. White.
Mr. White refused to pay up and was then sent to Prison.

Airport Personnel allegedly tried to forbid Eloisa White from taking any video footage.
Airport Personnel (Maria Elma Ceña) and Airport Police (SPO2 Rolando Clarin) allegedly
tried to force Mr. White to admit guilt without the presence of a Lawyer
which is without a doubt a clear violation of his rights according to Atty. Ernesto Arellano.
He was allegedly sent to prison and was forced to stay in a small room with different kinds of insects.

The Lane Michael White and Family Interview

Watch How Pasay City Senior Assistant City State Prosecutor Atty. Manuel Loteyro
ask Mr. Lane Michael White questions while undergoing inquest proceedings.
Allegedly, Mr. White was being asked questions deemed not appropriate
to an accused without the presence of his lawyer according to PAO Lawyer Atty. Persida Rueda Acosta.
SPO1 Rolando Clarin, SPO2 Romy Navarro, Chief Inspector Adriano Junio are being implicated by the White family.

Mr. Lane Michael White is a Theology Graduate from Florida
who was supposed to look for a new church site with his dad who is a preacher
as part of their missionary outreach in the Philippines.
Mr. White does not have any experience in shooting and does not possess bullets or guns.

The Tanim Bala Gang made a mistake in Targeting Mr. White.
He was the Catalyst for the Media Coverage.
Many reports and complaints have been made
but the Media only went Berserk when they found out that
a 20 Year Old Missionary who Plans to Build a Church was Targeted by the Laglag Bala Mafia.

Thanks to American
who spent six days in Jail
for refusing to give money to alleged Corrupt Government Officials.

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