Scam in Philippine Airports
Alleged Prevalent Bullet Planting and Extortion Scam
Better known as
"Tanim Bala Scam"
Never Touch and Never Open your own bag if Airport Security ask you to do so...
Read the Article below to know why...(usual trick by Airport Police Scalawags)
Are You Allowed to VideoTape Inside NAIA?
In Lane Michael White case, Airport Police Allegedly Forbids Taking Any Video...
Tips vs Tanim Bala
► What To Do If Bullet Is Found Inside Your Bag ◄

News Bulletin : Daily Update

Tanim Bala Viral Video News Today: Nov. 13, 2015
Senate of the Philippines
Tanim Bala Senate Investigation - Committee on Public Services
Complete Unedited Testimony of The White Family and Others (Victim of Tanim Bala)
Watch the Complete Video Footage...

“Mar on Laglag-Bala: Bullet Carrier has to Take Responsibility.” on r-apple-rs Nov. 4 Report
Reporter Asked: Who should take responsibility?
The Response: “Kung nagpasok ka ng contraband sa airport, paano naging problema ng gobyerno ’yun?”
(If you bring contraband as you enter the airport, how does it become the problem of the government?)
Wait Until the End of the Video: "Tama Lang na Nahuli Sila ng Pamahalaan"

Tanim Bala International Airport of the Philippines
Photo courtesy of PULPOLitika's Facebook page

VIRAL: 'Tanim Bala' Scam Featured in Japanese TV Show.
► Tanim Bala has been victimizing Japanese Tourist for many years... ◄

United Nations advised all staff members to wrap their bags in plastic
► If Filipino Travelers do not trust their own government Why should other nations? ◄

From Tanim Bala to Palit kandado ?
Alleged Palit kandado or Padlock Switching at NAIA

Alleged Tanim Balisong ?
SPO4 Joseph Cabaddu of PNP-AVSEGROUP (PNP Aviation Security Group)
Read More about the incident...

MIAA Responds to Alarming Bullet Planting Scam
but Citizen Remain Extremely Unsatisfied and Still Does Not Trust Airport Personnel...
Response from Secretary Joseph Emilio "Jun" Aguinaldo Abaya or Jun Abaya

Isang Tanim Bala Ka Lang
(Kulong ka ng 12 Years)
Photo courtesy of PULPOLitika's Facebook page

The Philippines should be given the whole center page of
► "Ripley's Believe it or not" ◄
"Guinness World Records"
for being able to plant not just fruits and vegetables but also bullets

Thanks to American
who spent six days in Jail
for refusing to give money to alleged Corrupt Government Officials

Penalty of Possessing a Single Bullet w/o a License under Republic Act No. 10591
► RA 10591 also known as the Comprehensive Firearms and Ammunition Regulation Act ... ◄

Department of Tanim Bala Agriculture and Extortion
Photo courtesy of PULPOLitika's Facebook page


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