From CNN, TV-Patrol, The Philippine Star and Inquirer
Official NBI Report Confirms Tanim Bala
NBI finally confirmed the Existence of tanim Bala
Criminal Cases were filed at the DOJ against several members of the
Office for Transportation Security and PNP-Aviation Security Group.
The complainants are alleged victim of Tanim Bala Scam Modus Operandi in NAIA,
American Lane Michael White and his stepmother, Filipina Eloisa Zoleta.
White Family absolutely disappointed with NBI report...Find out why...Watch the Video

UnderSecretary Emmanuel Caparas of the Department of Justice
Confirms the Existence of Tanim Bala or Laglag Bala Scheme but
However, The White family are disappointed with the NBI
for concluding that there is NO Organized Tanim Bala Syndicate Group.

The NBI Filed Criminal Charges Against Some Members of the OTS and AVSEGROUP

-Planting Evidence
(Violation of Article 5 Section 38 of Republic Act 10591 or
The Comprehensive Firearms and Ammunition Regulation Act - Liability for Planting Evidence)
Maria Elma Cena (OTS)
Marvin Garcia (OTS)

-Robbery/Extortion (violation of Article 293 of the Revised Penal Code)
-Violation of R.A. 7438
(Act Defining Certain Rights of Person Arrested, Detained, Under Custodial Investigation
and Duties of Arresting, Detaining and Arresting Officers)
-Graft and Corruption (violation of Republic Act 3019 or Anti-Graft Law)
Senior Police Officer 2 - SPO2 Rolando Clarin (PNP-AVSEGROUP)
C/INSP Chief Inspector Adriano Junio (PNP-AVSEGROUP)
Senior Police Officer 4 - SPO4 Ramon Bernardo (PNP-AVSEGROUP)
Senior Police Officer 2 - SPO2 Romy Navarro (PNP-AVSEGROUP)

RTC Branch 119 of Pasay dismissed the illegal possession of ammunition case filed against Mr. Lane Michael White.
White’s lawyer Atty. Ernesto Arellano said Judge Pedro Gutierrez signed the decision in response to their motion to dismiss.

Meanwhile, The White family are disappointed with the NBI for concluding that there is NO Organized Tanim Bala Syndicate Group
No Top Airport Security Officials were investigated by the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI)
to determine, under the command responsibility doctrine,
who should be held accountable in the failure to address the Tanim Bala / Laglag Bala / Bullet Planting scam at the airport.
Justice Secretary Alfredo Benjamin Caguioa created TaskForce TALABA to investigate the Tanim Laglag Bala Extortion Scheme.

Punishment if Found Guilty of Planting Evidence
Violation of Article 5 Section 38 of Republic Act 10591
SEC. 38. Liability for Planting Evidence. – The penalty of prision mayor in its maximum period
shall be imposed upon any person who shall willfully and maliciously insert; place, and/or attach,
directly or indirectly, through any overt or covert act, any firearm, or ammunition, or parts thereof
in the person, house, effects, or in the immediate vicinity of an innocent individual
for the purpose of implicating or incriminating the person,
or imputing the commission of any violation of the provisions of this Act to said individual.
If the person found guilty under this paragraph is a public officer or employee,
such person shall suffer the penalty of reclusion perpetua.
Reclusion perpetua as prescribed on crimes punishable by the Revised Penal Code
is indivisible penalty fixed at 40 years and cannot be altered during sentencing and
does not allow pardon or parole until after the first 30 years of the sentence have been served.

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