Manila News:
President Noynoy Aquino not convinced on Tanim Bala Existence
Aquino Answers Tanim Bala Questions {complete 10 Minute (2nd Video) at the Bottom}

Philippine President Benigno Aquino III allegedly argued that the tanim bala in NAIA was just sensationalized
and that the extortion allegation at NAIA have not been proven yet.
He then allegedly proceeded to point the finger at the media for sensationalizing the issue.
President Aquino allegedly stated that he doubt an organized Tanim Bala Syndicate exist.
Aquino allegedly asserted that about 1,200 out of millions of passengers are apprehended for bullets at NAIA every year.
He allegedly maintain that the Tanim Bala in NAIA have been blown out of proportion.
He allegedly felt bad for the innocent airport security scanners who were able to apprehend passengers with firearms and ammunition at NAIA.

Meanwhile, Initial police report quash the laglag bala scam at NAIA as an urban legend.
No such thing as laglag bala and pointing out that the Avsegroup has not found any proof that tanim bala even exist.

However, CBCP Balanga Bishop Ruperto Santos declared that
the president's statement only indicate his government supposedly ignores the Tanim bala issue.
The bishop slam the president for supposedly being “out of touch” and “heartless” on the unfortunate situation of OFW in NAIA.
The bishop said it’s either the president was misinformed or he only receives sanitized report regarding the issue.
The Bishop also said we can see here that he is not compassionate,
not merciful and heartless towards our fellow Filipinos who are working abroad.
The bishop stated that Aquino is twisting the truth about the laglag bala issue
by dismissing it as a mere propaganda intended to supposedly malign the government.
The bishop stated that what they’re doing now is they are saying that the tanim bala scam is sabotage against the aquino government
and that this is mere politics and propaganda
but these incidents actually occurred and it is not an effort to sabotage the government.
They are just creating diversionary tactics because they were just ignoring it before
and now they’re looking for an excuse according to the Bishop.

Concurrently, Manila Auxiliary Bishop Broderick Pabillio ask Aquino to fire MIAA General Manager Jose Angel Honrado.
“People who are incompetent need to be replaced,” according to the Bishop.
“There are many reasons why NAIA has been judged as the World’s Worst Airport. Now, isn’t that enough proof of incompetence?”

Aquino Answers Tanim Bala Questions in ASEAN Summit in Malaysia (10 Minute Video)

The Entire Camp of
OFW Rhodora de Guzman, OFW Gloria Ortinez, American Missionary Lane Michael White
with their lawyers Atty. Leo Laurente, Atty. Ernesto Arellano, Atty. Spocky Farolan
and many others are FURIOUS and FELT INSULTED by President Aquino's statement
regarding the World Infamous Tanim Bala Scam in NAIA.
They said it was unfair for the president to make such a statement.
The Victims thanked the Media for informing the public about the alleged existence of
The Notorious Tanim Bala Syndicate Group
The Notorious Laglag Bala Syndicate Group
(victimizing OFW, Foreigners and Filipinos by planting bullet in their lugagge for Intimidation and Extortion purposes)

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