Tips vs Tanim Bala

1) Never allow strangers to touch your bags.
Monitor it even when going to the comfort room.

2) Ensure all pockets and zippers are locked and sealed.
(if seal was broken, immediately notify authorities).

3) Never Lose sight of your bag when passing thru X-ray.
Wait for a while to separate your bag from the one ahead of you.

4) Never accept anything from strangers.
Even from newly found friends.

What To Do If Bullet Is Found Inside Your Bag:

1) Stay Calm
Deny that the Bullet is Yours even if the Police threaten you.

2) Seek Legal Counsel Immediately.
Do not Answer Any Questions (Tricky) without a Lawyer.
If you do not have a lawyer, call PAO Landline at 929-9436.

3) Never Touch the Bullet or any item even if they insist.
Prevent leaving any Fingerprint Marking on the Bullet.

4) Never open your bag without a lawyer.
If they ask you to open it, ask what they saw on the Xray and take a Video Footage.

5) Never agree for a fingerprint sample without your Lawyer.

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