The Philippines should be given the whole center page of
"Ripley's Believe it or not"
"Guinness World Records"
for being able to plant not just fruits and vegetables but also bullets.
People who plant fruit and vegetable seeds will reap fruit and vegetables
but magically, if they plant bullets, it would become money immediately.
No need to sweat under the sun, they can do it right in the comfort of airconditioned rooms.

The script of the scammers might change from bullet to narcotic drugs planting.
Good Filipinos and Foreigners are forced to play russian roulette
with their life and liberty at stake whenever they go to Philippine airports.
Your chances of landing safely without extortion is actually statistically higher
if you jump from an airplane with your parachute than passing through the airport.

Thanks to American
who spent six days in Jail
because he refused to give money
to alleged Corrupt Government Officials.

He spent his vacation to the Philippines in Jail.
Now he knows what it actually means by "Its More Fun in the Philippines."
This (very) longtime scam is finally exposed !!!
It could be a big group and only the underlings will be punished.
The Leaders of the Scam could think of other Modus Operandi in Airports in the Philippines.
YOU or your loved ones could be the Next Victim of this Scam ...

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