For Some Reason,
Suspect OFW Gloria Ortinez was immediately Humiliated
when she was Handcuffed, Mugshot and sent to Prison for many days
as she tell herself,
"its more fun in the Philippines?",
While the Two Police Officers was just relieved
both was neither handcuffed nor was sent to prison even for 1 second.
PO3 Careen de Padua and PO1 Rommel Ballesteros,
were just simply removed from their posts after the bullet they submitted to the fiscal's office
was totally different from the one allegedly found in Mrs. Ortinez's bag.

Without the Media and without Heaven Sent
Mr. Michael Lane White
She would spend the next 12 years in prison for being a good OFW Filipino Citizen.
Tuwid ang Daan Papunta sa Kulungan para kay Bagong Bayaning OFW Gloria Ortinez.

An OFW going to Hongkong to work was arrested after another alleged tanim-bala scam in NAIA.

Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) General Manager Jose Angel Honrado (a retired general)
defended the police who arrested OFW Gloria Ortinez.
The OFW has been working as a veteran domestic helper in Hongkong for 23 Years
and never had any record prior to the alleged tanim bala incident.
Mrs. Ortinez has the potential risk to lose her opportunity to work in Hong Kong again
because of being listed as a security risk in the Official Philippine Aviation Record.

Celebrities Support OFW Ortinez

OFW Gloria Ortinez was temporarily released
after the Government Prosecutor had doubts pertaining to the Bullet Submitted by the Police.

Bullet Submitted by the Police as Evidence
does not Match the Picture Shown to the Media according to the Government Prosecutor.

Alleged Bullet found in the luggage of OFW Gloria Ortinez
does not match the Bullet submitted as Evidence
but the government still did not send the 2 police officers to prison
unlike Ms. Ortinez who was humiliated and immediately handcuffed and sent to prison on the spot.

As a Result, she finally lost her job and her contract was terminated in Hongkong
Maybe that is what it means by "Ang OFW ang Bagong Bayani",
because they are always targeted for extortion from Philippine Airports to Customs (and all sorts of harassment)
Tuwid ang Daan papunta sa kulungan at extortion para sa mga Bagong Bayani.
Katulad nang nangyari kay Heneral Luna,
Kapwa Pilipino ang manloloko, magnanakaw, magpapakulong at papatay sa mga Bagong Bayani...

OFW Tanim-Bala Victim Lost Her Job...

Alleged Prevalent Bullet Planting Extortion Scam
Better known as

       YAHOO                   GOOGLE                    BAIDU                    BING