News Warning Bulletin:
Tanim Bala Kapkap or Tanim Bala Frisking or Tanim Bala Pat Down.
Passenger are Allegedly Planted with bullets or other illegal stuffs in their pockets
while being frisked or being patdown by expert criminal airport personnel.

While being Frisked at Multiple Security Levels,
some targeted passengers are planted with bullets or other illegal items in NAIA.
It was suggested that Filipinos should pull out the pocket cloth before being frisked.
Just like a reversed socks coming out from pants.
It is one of the best way to prevent them from dropping any kind of illegal stuff in ones pocket.
Tape All the Pocket of your Shirt and Pants.
Some expert criminals are able to do it without you noticing it.

Any Criminals can basically do anything
if they possess the skill set level of Magicians like David Copperfield and David Blaine.

It Should be Fully Mandatory for All Airport Security Personnel to Show Their Hands Completely Empty with all
10 Fingers spread out of each other on both side (Palm and Back) Before Every Start of a Body Pat Down or Frisking.
Airport personnel should also be prevented from wearing long sleeves
when they have contact with luggage and Passengers.

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