Bag Owners Should Have
The Right to Refuse to Touch
The Right to Refuse to Open a Bag
To Prevent Leaving a FINGERPRINT Mark
on the Planted Bullet or Any Planted Evidence.
This is an Old Trick Used by Many Airport Police Scalawags Known as The
"Tanim Bala Gang"
If They Show Agitation, YOU Should REFUSE Even More.

It should be mandatory that absolutely no airport personnel are allowed to touch a bag
from the Entry Point of Passengers up to Luggage check-in.
It should also be mandatory that no airport personnel are allowed to touch a bag during inspection.
Any corrupt airport personnel can easily palm a bullet secretly and dig their hands inside a pile of clothes in a bag
and suddenly declare that he/she found something in the bag and show it as a bullet.
Airport personnel should not be allowed to touch any part of a bag.

If suspicion of a bullet or a gun is detected, security personnel should inform passengers
that a bullet, gun, or other suspicious object is detected.
If an inspection is needed, the owner should not and should never be forced to open it himself.
Airport Security should actually prevent bag owners from touching the bag.
This is no different from evidence found in a crime scene.
Security personnel ordering passengers to touch their bag is no different from
police commanding suspects to touch the evidence in a crime scene.
These are Absolutely Stupid Airport Security Procedures.

Another (3rd party) person should be the one who will touch and open the bag.
If a thorough inspection is required,
a close up multiple angle video camera system (area) should be used without any possible dead/blind spot
like the possibility of any parts of a body or any object partially blocking the recording.
A minimum of 3 camera system should be installed in the inspection area to prevent such blind spot.
Clear FullHD 1080p CCTV footage (minimum) should be available from the
Passenger unloading Area from Vehicles (Taxi, Bus or Private Cars),
Entry of the Airport up to Luggae Check in.
If there is even a single second without a CCTV footage, the passenger must be declared Innocent
or the Maximum Penalty should only be a Warning, Nothing More.
A Dead Spot or a Blind Spot in Philippine Airport's CCTV is Absolutely Unacceptable.

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