MIAA Responds to Alarming Bullet Planting Scam

MIAA Responds to Alarming Bullet Planting Scam
but Citizen Remain Extremely Unsatisfied and Still Does Not Trust Airport Personnel...
Airport Taxi Monopoly, Airport Porter, Airport Personnel,
and for some unknown reasons every Filipino knows, some villages and buildings in MakatiTaguig have better+more CCTV than Philippine Airports.
In this day and age (tech), Airport personnel have installed extremely low quality cctv or non functioning cctv
and even insisted (tried to convince) on a wireless cctv
that all security experts know are highly unreliable that can me jammed and comes with a higher downtime.

Response From
Secretary Joseph Emilio "Jun" Aguinaldo Abaya or Jun Abaya
Secretary of the Department of Transportation and Communications of the Philippines
(Secretary of the DOTC)
3 Term Congressman of Cavite
Great Grandson of the 1st Philippine President - President Emilio Aguinaldo

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