Another Victim of Tanim Bala Airport Scam Surface

Another Victim of Tanim Bala Airport Scam Surface.
Extortion in Philippine Airports.
Scam has been going on for years but most don't complain out of Fear.
There is a possibility that a Huge Network of Scam Syndicate is operating within Philippine Airports.
According to Michael Ryan White, father of Michael Lane White
it seems an on going problem in this country,
They tend to extort tourist on a regular basis.

1)What exactly did the xray scanner personnel see that gave him the impression that there was a bullet in the luggage?
2)Why aren't x-ray scanner video recordings being released to the public?

Alleged Prevalent Bullet Planting Extortion Scam
Better known as
"Tanim Bala Scam in NAIA"
-
You or Your Love Ones could be the
Next Victim of Extortion Rackets in Philippine Airports.

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