News Bulletin:
After Tanim Bala its Time for "Bukas Kandado Scam"
Passenger Allegedly Loses Expensive Camera and Cellphone in checked-in Luggage at NAIA

A Filipino passenger was shocked that he lost a Nikon DLSR camera and an Expensive mobile phone
inside his checked in luggage at NAIA Terminal 1, last November 7, 2015.

Mr. Ernest Desabal said they checked in their luggage at Jetstar two hours before their flight to Singapore.
When they arrived in Singapore, he was stunned to find out that the lock on his luggage had already been removed.
"Tanggal Ho Yung Lock" Mr. Desabal said.

Mr. Desabal immediately reported the incident to Good Singapore Airport Authorities.
He said the Singapore Airport had complete clear CCTVs that recorded how the luggage was removed from the plane and
brought by baggage handlers to the baggage carousel.

Ernest cut short his trip and return to the Philippines 4 days earlier to report the incident to Philippine Airport Police.
He allegedly believes that the Theft more likely happened in the Philippines.

He said he then discovered why airport authorities cannot say if the theft was done by baggage handlers in the Philippines
because he was told that the CCTV was not working.
Allegedly, There was "NO CCTV Footage" because the CCTV Pointing and Aimed at Luggage Handlers was "NOT Turned-ON";
Hence, NO Video Footage.

Watch Alleged

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