► Traffic Sign Scam ◄

There are multiple incorrect traffic sign in Metro Manila
that allegedly could be used to extort money from good law abiding citizen
who does not recognize a bizarre traffic sign or a traffic sign that is incorrectly placed
for unknown reasons we all know.

A uTurn Sign with a Green Background but with the words No uTurn at C3 main road.
A NO-Left Turn sign but was placed on the right side in Quezon Avenue.
A No U-turn sign near UST but what was about 20 meters ahead
before the actual intersection (with stoplight)
such that if you are at the corner (1st 5 cars in front), you cannot see any sign whatsoever,
only the 6th car can see the sign placed about 15 meters high with discolored or faded sign.
The sign should actually be visible at the point of Traffic Violation
so that law abiding citizesn who are new to a certain location
could be able to consciously prevent a violation upon seeing the Traffic sign.

There are many mind boggling signages along EDSA.
a uTurn signage - but when you reach the said uTURN slot, it is closed.
Now all drivers are forced to swerve from the left most to the right most
which is a violation caused by a questionable Traffic Signage.

2 One-Way sign pointing at opposite directions
with a 2 way sign on the right but is blocked permanently
for some unknown reason we all know.
No matter what you do,
you will commit a violation with all of the insane contradicting traffic Sign.
And why is it that one block along Roces Ave. leading to Quezon Ave. is Permanently Blocked?
Why is one block of a 4 Lane Road Permenently closed and made a One Way Street?
A Section of the Road is Permanently Reserved as a Parking Area of a Private Establishment.
You can Clearly see it with its Bold Color that attract couples
while a Portion is being used as a PUV/Jeepney Parking, loading ang unloading Area Permanently.

Good Law Abiding Citizen Knows all of these are Complete Bullshit
and feel it is just an Extortion Trap.
Including those stupid road barriers without reflectors (World Standard epic fail)
that are fatal and can actually kill or mutilate victims.
Idiots are allowed to put Concrete blocks, Metal bars and Plastic Barriers
without proper reflectors and making sure it is always maintained to have a reflective Surface.
Driving feels like a Video Game in Metro Manila at night,
Suddenly a concrete block will appear in front of you since it has no reflectors or
absolutely faded since it was poorly painted with a non standard reflective material,
Suddenly a Jeep, Tricycle, Motorcycle, Taxi, Car, Bus, or a Huge Truck will appear at night in front of you,
and the police are not apprehending them for driving without their HEADLIGHT TURNED ON.
Suddenly an idiot will appear infront of you when you pass under a pedestrian overpass.
and a lot more weird, insane, bullshit good law abiding citizen encounter while driving...

Signages incorrectly placed at the exact point of separation of roads
instead of 20 Meters ahead to give time for motorist to choose the road to take.
A lot of motorist make a mistake in choosing the correct lane
because the sign is exactly installed where the road split into multiple directions.
It should actually be placed about 25-50 Meters ahead
to give enough time for motorist to safely change lanes.

Two Suspects Took Turns and Repeatedly Raped a Female Passenger
Inside a Moving Taxi in Quezon City for 12 hours.
The Suspects have Raped multiple women around Metro Manila.

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