Watch CCTV Footage:
QC Security Guard Sleep on the Job
2 Cellphones Stolen Right infront of a Sleeping Guard
in Aurora Blvd Quezon City
Unsatisfied with the Loot and Presented with a Great Opportunity
Thief Came Back again after a Few Minutes and then
Stole the Shotgun of the Guard
Security Guard continue to Sleep Extremely Well
Guard Expect His Salary to be Paid in Full on Payday
Moral Lesson:
Security Guard Sleeping on the Job
At Least Lock the Door when you want to Sleep on the Job
Its more fun in the Philippines

Two Suspects Took Turns and Repeatedly Raped a Female Passenger
Inside a Moving Taxi in Quezon City for 12 hours.
The Suspects have Raped multiple women around Metro Manila.

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