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► Asshole Riding in Tandem - CCTV ◄
Snatcher Stole from the Daughter
Run Over the Mother
There are so Many Riding in Tandem Crimes on a Daily Basis.
The Police aren't doing their Jobs Correctly.
The Police are not apprehending Motorcycles without Plate Numbers.
"For Registration" Plate Numbers are Bullshit.
If a Crime or an accident happened and the Police ask what the plate number is,
What do Law Abiding Citizen say? "For Registration" , Absolutely Bullshit!
Riders without a Plate Number in their Motorcycles
should be arrested immediately if they resist.
Using fake plate numbers should be a Criminal offense punishable by 5 years imprisonment.
Fake Plate Numbers, No Plate Numbers and "For Registration" Plates are 3 Different Offenses.
Fake Plate Numbers is the Worst since it already has the intention to commit a Crime.
But Since "its more fun in the Philippines",
Motorcycles with Fake Plate Numbers, No Plate Numbers and "For Registration" Plates
including those that do not use headlight and taillight at night
are able to roam around the Metropolis without fear from the Police.
However, Good Law Abiding Citizen Fear the Police
specially those that hide from plain sight
usually right after a Stoplight or a uTurn slot.
Motorcycles including Jeeps, Bus and Tricycles seems to be immune from fear
They are able to disobey Traffic Rules and are scot free most of the time
for unknown reasons we all know.

Rampant Riding in Tandem
Snatchers and Hold-uppers

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