Quezon City Population
is divided into registered and unregistered residents.
Unlike in cities of the United States where population registration count is precise and updated annually,
a lot of Quezon City residents remain unregistered.

Quezon City is largest city of the Philippines.
with a population of approximately 3.5 Million.
1st chart shows the registered count.
2nd chart shows the Male population.
3rd chart shows the Female population.

Quezon City has the most number of Voters in the Philippines.
The last official update was done in 2010.
Currently, The Census Population Philippines 2015 is ongoing and the report will come out in 2016.
Registered Male and Female Residents of Quezon City.

Registered Male Population of Quezon City.

Registered Female Population of Quezon City.

Statistics indicate that there are about 10% more Female than Male in Quezon City.

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Philippines Population Census 2015

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