Watch Bulletin:
Mar Roxas tries to be a Traffic Aide

LP President Mar Roxas tried to be an aide while in traffic due to the SONA rally

Mar Roxas Fist Bump a Kid

Mar Roxas Fist Bump vs Jump Shot

Mar Roxas vs Andrew Stevens and Ted Failon

Entire video of Mar Roxas being grilled by Andrew Stevens of CNN

Video Timeline Content:
Mar tries to be a Traffic Aide 0:00-2:20
Mar on Korina 2:10-2:30
Mar on a Motorcycle without a Helmet fell 2:31-2:40
Mar do a Duterte Curse 2:41-3:00
Mar on Romualdez vs Aquino during Yolanda Tragedy in Tacloban 3:10-3:35
Mar pour cold water on himself 3:35-3:50

Entire video of Mar Roxas doing a duterte cursing timeline starts on 2:25

Duterte shoots a Yellow Target multiple times - right on target

Duterte rage in anger as he confronts group of kidnappers

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