► GMA7 Reporter Steve Dailisan Victimized ◄
by Basag Kotse Gang in Quezon City

Steve Dailisan parked his Mitsubishi Montero infront of
Dr. Jesus Delgado Memorial Hospital along
Kamuning Road in Quezon City
around 9 PM in the evening to visit someone.
But less than 30 minutes have passed
a security guard of the hospital called
his attention because another Riding in Tandem Criminals
Lurking in Quezon City has just striked.
He hurriedly went out to check the report
only to find out that it is his own car
that has been smashed by the harden criminals.
Steve Dailisan said that the criminals
has stolen his laptop, a gym bag, hard drive,
other electronic gadgets, and money.
The police are now looking for the suspects.