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SC Grants TRO on Real Estate Tax Hike

The Supreme Court Granted The TRO in Favor of
The Alliance of Quezon City Homeowners Association
against the Quezon City Government.

The Alliance of Quezon City Homeowners Association
Prevailed and Successfully convinced the Supreme Court
to Issue an Indefinite TRO (Temporary Restraining Order)
Against the Local Governenment of Quezon City
Pertaining to Quezon City Ordinance No. 2556 which suddenly
Raise The Fair Market Value of Real Estate by as much as 500 percent
Real Estate covering Lands, Vacant Lots, Condominiums, Townhouses,
Apartments, Buildings and other permanent structures.

Under Ordinance No. SP-2556, series of 2016
Introduced by Councilor Allan Benedict Reyes et al.,
enacted on Dec.5 and signed by the city council’s presiding officer,
Vice Mayor Ma. Josefina G. Belmonte and
approved on Dec. 14 by Mayor Herbert M. Bautista.
Quezon City Taxpayers would be Paying
up to 131 Percent More than the Current Rate.

Considered by Land Owners of Quezon City as ill-conceived,
outrageous, beyond all reason unworkable Ordinance
drew a lot of condemnation and criticism
from Furious Quezon City Voters, Residents and Taxpayers
Knowing an Increase in Real Estate Tax will have a Trickle Effect
on All Residents and Business establishments
including Families who rent Their House in Quezon City
since all increase will soon be passed on to them by Their Landlords.
Renters Fear that Rental Fee will Sky Rocket for both
Residential and Commercial Properties
If such an Ordinance was Implemented.