Police QCPD Chief Inspector Melvin Madrona
allegedly Punched and Kicked an innocent man
Infront of Other Police Officers
due to alleged Road Rage
The Innocent Wounded Victim was Imprisoned
While The Other Police Officers
Let Go of the Suspect who Happens to be
a Police Officer of the Same Station
► Watch the 2 CCTV Footage ◄

According to the victim
the car infront of him
allegedly moved in reverse in a U Turn slot
along Commonwealth Quezon City.
The Victim also told reporters
that the suspect was allegedly drunk.
The suspect tried to grab the victim but
the Victim ran to the nearby Station 5 of QCPD to seek help.

Unknown to him, the driver was a
police officer assigned at Station 5 of QCPD
(Quezon City Police District)
who was later identified as Chief Inspector Melvin Madrona.

The CCTV Footage clearly shows the
violent Mauling incident.
Instead of helping the Victim,
the other police officers put the victim in Jail.

Who Will Be The Next Victim?

Incompetent and Extremely Arrogant Police Personnel
Should be Relieved from the Job Immediately.

Other officers in Station 5 are allegedly negligent for failing
to file a Police Blotter regarding the incident,
and for permiting the illegal detention of the Victim.
Not Only Did They Failed
To Serve and Protect the Victim
They Actually Sent the Innocent Wounded Victim to Jail
instead of the suspect.
The Victim Told Reporters That He Was Forced
to Sign Documents Admitting Guilt
As a Condition For His Temporary Freedom.

Without the Media
The Victim will surely suffer
and will be punished as the suspect
even if he is the aggrieved party.

The Suspect is now Reassigned
to another Lucky Community.

All of The Police officers Involved
Will Still Receive Their Full Salary
From The Tax Paid By Good Citizens
Including The Tax Paid By the Innocent Assaulted Victim
Who was Not Served and Protected By The Police
and was Instead Punched and Kicked by a Police and
was Thrown to Jail by Another Police Officer.

Remember To Pay Your Taxes
For The Salary of Police Officers.

You, Your Son or Worst, Your Daughter
- Can Be The Next Victim !!!

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