Quezon City
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Duterte Named 5 Police Generals Publicly
The Generals Are Allegedly Protectors of Drug Syndicates
Director Joel Pagdilao
Chief Superintendent Vicente Loot
Deputy Director-General Marcelo Garbo Jr.
Chief Superintendent Edgardo Tinio
Chief Superintendent Bernardo Diaz

All Generals Who Were Accused Deny Any Involvement in the Illegal Drug Trade

2 More Beautiful Female Passengers Simultaneously and Repeatedly Raped by
UV Express Driver and His Accomplice in QC
The Accomplice is STILL AT LARGE (WANTED)
The 2 Victims was Raped in a Moving Van for 4 Long Hours From Quezon City, Caloocan to Bulacan
Watch Video as Furious Crying Victims Ask for the help of
Duterte instead of Current President Aquino
Victims Wonder Why the UV Express was able to operate if it is a Colorum without a License
and the Police was only able to catch the Suspect after Multiple Rapes on different occasions was
Allegedly been Committed via the Same Modus a.k.a. Van Gang Rape

Rampant Riding in Tandem
Snatchers and Hold-uppers

Traffic Light installed Behind a FootBridge
Corner of Araneta and Quezon Avenue
Alleged Corruption
Beware of Maximum Extortion
from Corrupt Enforcers
Drivers cannot see the Stoplight
Only Clark Kent can see if it is Green or Red

Two Suspects Took Turns and Repeatedly Raped a Female Passenger
Inside a Moving Taxi in Quezon City for 12 hours.
Both Serial Rapist are Still at Large
The Suspects have Raped multiple women around Metro Manila.
QCPD has released a Cartographic Sketch of one of the suspect
Read More

Five suspected Police Officers are allegedly involved
in the abduction, kidnapping and murder of a woman
The Police Officer involved turned out to be a neighbor of the Victim
Watch the Video

Ubercabs Taxi Driver Allegedly Fondled Penis Beside Pretty Passenger
Masturbated While Looking at Her from Head to Toe
Watch Video Interview

Children Knocking on Car Windows using a Rock
Allegedly Threatening to Damage Cars and Demanding for Money
at the intersection of
CP Garcia and Katipunan Avenue near UP Town Center.

The Juvenile Act that protects minors from prosecution
and makes them immune from lawsuit and liability
could and will be used by criminal syndicates
to perform various criminal activities
from theft, extortion, assault, abduction and even RAPE.
Good Citizens of the Philippines has no weapon
against Minors executing multiple repeated continuous crimes.
The police isn't doing enough
Many drivers who pass by that area know
that it is happening on a daily basis.
Without the Media, some wonder if the Police would have acted
to capture the kids who extort money from motorists
by threatening them with a rock.
its more fun in the Philippines.

Quezon City General Information

Quezon City (also known as QC)
is divided into registered and unregistered residents.
The city has a population of approximately 3.5 Million.
It is the Richest City of the Philippines
with the biggest land area in Metro Manila.
The last official census report update was done in 2010.
The Census Population Philippines 2015 report will come out in 2016.
Quezon City remains to be largest city with the biggest number of Voters.

Philippine Population Chart Comparison
(Showing Registered Residents - updated 2010)

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