Quezon City



1 of 6 Indian Suspect Caught
► GANG RAPE of Pinay ◄
5 Suspects Still at Large
The Group Might Have Victimized Many Women
-But Ashamed to Come Out and Complain

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Sexy Actress Krista Miller

The Greatest of All Time

Two Suspects Took Turns and Repeatedly
Raped a Female Passenger
Inside a Moving Taxi in Quezon City for 12 hours.
The Suspects have Raped multiple women around Metro Manila.

Ubercabs Taxi Driver
Allegedly Fondled Penis Beside Pretty Passenger
Masturbated While Looking at Her from Head to Toe

Quezon City General Information

Quezon City (also known as QC)
is divided into registered and unregistered residents.
The city has a population of approximately 3.5 Million.
It is the Richest City of the Philippines
with the biggest land area in Metro Manila
and remains the largest city with the most number of Voters.

Philippine Population Chart Comparison
(Showing Registered Residents - updated 2010)

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