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► GMA7 Reporter Steve Dailisan Victimized ◄
by Basag Kotse Gang in Quezon City

Innocent Victim Ran to QCPD Police Station 5 to Seek Help
Instead of helping Him, Other Police Officers
Watch Him Get Punched and Kicked by the
Alleged Drunk Suspect Who Allegedly Drive in Reverse Mode
Afterwards, They Threw the Wounded Victim to Jail
While They Let Go of the Alleged Aggressive Suspect
The Suspect Turned out to be
The Senior Police Officer of the Same Station
► Caught on CCTV Footage ◄
Not Only Did The Other Police Officers
Failed to Serve and Protect the Victim
They Actually Threw The Innocent Wounded Victim to Jail
its More Fun in the Philippines?

Extremely Notorious
Quezon City Serial Holdaper
Restaurants and Coffeeshops
► Watch Multiple CCTV Footage ◄
Banawe, Retiro, Tandang Sora and Different Parts of QC

2 Police Ran and Hide Instead of Responding
► Caught on CCTV Footage ◄
2 Police Ran and Hide Instead of Responding.
The Police even end up stepping on the Victim as They ran.
The Police Failed to Serve and Protect the Victim

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The Greatest of All Time

Quezon City (also known as QC)
is divided into registered and unregistered residents.
The city has a population of approximately 3.5 Million.
It is the Richest City of the Philippines
with the biggest land area in Metro Manila
and remains the largest city with the most number of Voters.

Philippine Population Chart Comparison
(Showing Registered Residents - updated 2010)

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